Monday, November 30, 2009

Make-Stuff Results!: Historical, Tasty, Sacred, Part 1

Assignment: Three pictures—
Something historical. Something tasty. Something sacred.

I'm posting two of the four responses I have so far in this post, and I'll post the remaining two by the end of the weekend.Some of the responses included pictures taken especially for the assignment, others were from personal collections...

In the Eyes of Everyone will launch online in a more official way in 2010; this is a way for me and my creative compadre to test the waters, start collecting submissions, and get the word out. To read more about this particular assignment and about the project, scroll down a couple entries, or click here.

Here's Jessica Atcheson's response (thanks, Jess, for being the first!). You can see and read more about Jessica on her smarty-pants, righteous-babe blog, Partly It's the Boots...historical, tasty, sacred:

Marie Gauthier, creator of the blog A View from the Potholes...historical, tasty, sacred:

(Note: If you are reading this and are still planning to submit, it's not too late! I will be posting a new assignment next week but send your responses any time for any assignment and I'll get them up!)


Jessica said...

Yay! So exciting to see these here! Thanks for the shout-out to my blog, too. Look forward to the next assignment. :)

evf said...

!!! I want to send pictures, but my husband is the only one who can work the camera worth a darn. Love it. More!