Saturday, August 23, 2008

Post Road #16

It's out, on the stands, in select stores (see St. Mark's Book Shop below). My piece "Farewell" printed in its pages.

PR sometimes posts some content from the new issue up on their website, and have a place where you can order it, but it's not up yet. #15 is still hanging around.

When 16 is up, I'll post it here. It's a great issue.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Playing the Building, Playing in the City

[David Byrne installation, Playing the Building]

Spent Saturday and Sunday in Manhattan. And aside from doing the regular NYC things--eating pirogies at Veselka's in the East Village, going to St. Mark's Bookshop to peruse the lit mags--I stayed at a famous cartoonist's apartment in Washington Heights; walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (for the first time!) and saw Ms. Liberty all regal in the sun; and went to David Byrne's installation, Playing the Building (pic above, and you can watch a video w/DB at this link), at South Ferry. The installation was wild. The whole building an instrument. Standing there, in it, was like being in the belly of a confused clock inside the body of a whale. Clinks and clanks and hisses and exhales--through the pipes, on the radiators, all controlled by the keys of the piano played by whatever visitor.

Speaking of bellies...had a great dinner at Cafe Habana on Prince & Elizabeth. The corn! If you ever go there, get the corn! It's grilled in spices and rolled in some kind of soft buttery cheese. Best ever.

My friend A. and I also discovered a strange patch of land on Broadway and 25th and watched tourists take pictures next to over-sized planters on weird beige sand.

And, thanks to A., I contracted the worst laugh attack ever on the subway. Could not stop. Tears and everything. So embarrassing (and totally fun).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Post #100!

So for this post, the 100th, I'm here only to say that this chick went rock climbing this week for the first time since she was 22 years old (and that was a long time ago)!

Aside from worrying about whether or not I'd done an adequate job shaving my legs, it was an awesome experience--I did well I think. Am mostly proud of myself for even giving it a shot, and now am so sore that whilst smoothing a Post-It note at work yesterday morning with my right index finger, i was like "ow ow ow ow ow ow..." Fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, toes, calves, quads... OW .. but YAY!

The best part, aside from getting myself up there, was the group of people I went with. So supportive and encouraging. Made it really easy and totally fun. And I want to go again!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Congrats to Jane!

Shouting out to my dear friend Angela Jane Fountas in Seattle, Washington, who was just chosen to be a Hugo House writer-in-residence. A big deal. And a great gig. You can read this short article in the Seattle Times! May her success be contagious.

Monday, August 04, 2008

60 Revolutions per Minute

God bless adrenalin and lord have mercy on my beat-up body...but OH MY GOD. What a f--king show!

My punk rock friend D-Love would be ever so proud of my foray into moshing mania...Sure, it hurts when I breath, but we don't care!!

Much LOVE in the regions of the floor through which I traveled--lovely to be amongst my fellow citizens of Planet GB.

And I got to hang during parts of it with my dear friend R. for his first GB extravaganza. A special night for sure.

Here's a clip of the song that brought on one of the more fun moshing experiences during the show...

Here's the set list, though I'm very uncertain about the order past the first four songs:

Ultimate, Not a Crime, I Would Never Wanna Be Young Again, Supertheory of Supereverything, Wonderlust King, Mishto!, Tribal Connection, Forces of Victory, 60 Revolutions, American Wedding, Start Wearing Purple, Underdog World Strike, and Think Locally, Fuck Globally. Encore: Alcohol, Immigrant Punk, Baro Foro (which sandwiched samples of the following songs: Undestructable, Sally, My Strange Uncles from Abroad).

ANOTHER SHOW this Friday in Providence, RI, @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, with my friend Mo. Also her first time. Yee haw! Show #8 for me... bring it on!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

GB in I come!

Leaving in 1 hour to head for New Haven and a night of music madness!