Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Playing the Building, Playing in the City

[David Byrne installation, Playing the Building]

Spent Saturday and Sunday in Manhattan. And aside from doing the regular NYC things--eating pirogies at Veselka's in the East Village, going to St. Mark's Bookshop to peruse the lit mags--I stayed at a famous cartoonist's apartment in Washington Heights; walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (for the first time!) and saw Ms. Liberty all regal in the sun; and went to David Byrne's installation, Playing the Building (pic above, and you can watch a video w/DB at this link), at South Ferry. The installation was wild. The whole building an instrument. Standing there, in it, was like being in the belly of a confused clock inside the body of a whale. Clinks and clanks and hisses and exhales--through the pipes, on the radiators, all controlled by the keys of the piano played by whatever visitor.

Speaking of bellies...had a great dinner at Cafe Habana on Prince & Elizabeth. The corn! If you ever go there, get the corn! It's grilled in spices and rolled in some kind of soft buttery cheese. Best ever.

My friend A. and I also discovered a strange patch of land on Broadway and 25th and watched tourists take pictures next to over-sized planters on weird beige sand.

And, thanks to A., I contracted the worst laugh attack ever on the subway. Could not stop. Tears and everything. So embarrassing (and totally fun).

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