Monday, November 30, 2009

Make-Stuff Results!: Historical, Tasty, Sacred, Part 1

Assignment: Three pictures—
Something historical. Something tasty. Something sacred.

I'm posting two of the four responses I have so far in this post, and I'll post the remaining two by the end of the weekend.Some of the responses included pictures taken especially for the assignment, others were from personal collections...

In the Eyes of Everyone will launch online in a more official way in 2010; this is a way for me and my creative compadre to test the waters, start collecting submissions, and get the word out. To read more about this particular assignment and about the project, scroll down a couple entries, or click here.

Here's Jessica Atcheson's response (thanks, Jess, for being the first!). You can see and read more about Jessica on her smarty-pants, righteous-babe blog, Partly It's the Boots...historical, tasty, sacred:

Marie Gauthier, creator of the blog A View from the Potholes...historical, tasty, sacred:

(Note: If you are reading this and are still planning to submit, it's not too late! I will be posting a new assignment next week but send your responses any time for any assignment and I'll get them up!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Make Stuff!!!

Those of you who were reading my blog, y’know back several months ago when I was actually keeping it up, may remember that I did a little plug for a project that is in the works with one of my partners in creative crime. (He’s someone I’ve known for going on 12 years, and he has a most awesome blog that you should all read regularly.)

Last May, he traveled north from the wilds of Birmingham, Alabama, to pay me a visit and we got to talking about how the current creative channels that we had affixed in our lives weren’t quite doing it. We wanted to produce unexpected things that fell outside of the we-earned-our-MFAs-in-creative-writing box. We wanted to feel like our lives were a more adequate response to the inspiration that we felt daily as we walked around doing what we do—seeing films, reading books, talking to folks, going to shows (of all kinds), listening to music, traveling, etc.

Maybe these new things we produced would sometimes make us a little uncomfortable. Maybe they wouldn’t require a lot of skill except for the art of psychological letting go—of the result itself, and of the face the result made out in the world. More importantly tho, was this two-word phrase that kept coming up again and again in our conversations and e-mails and follow-up phone calls—an impulse, a command, maybe even a demand from some bigger force.

The simple two-word phrase: MAKE STUFF!

And so was born our future project—In the Eyes of Everyone: A Project for Everyday Visionaries—a title I beg you not to steal but instead tattoo on your brain so when we launch our site in 2010, you will recognize it and go there and become part of what is going to be an exquisite and inspiring project that will surely spawn a movement.

Last week, TJ (aforementioned partner in creative crime) and I decided that we were tired of all the talking and planning and untangling of logistics and thought we better start walking our talk and actually start the project. So we concocted creative assignments for each other, set a deadline, and went to it. Here is the assignment TJ gave me:

Assignment #1a for the future launch of In the Eyes of Everyone:
Take three pictures: 1) something historical, 2) something tasty, 3) something sacred

Before I post the documentation of the assignment, my whole point of this blog post is to say: DO THIS ASSIGNMENT and SEND ME YOUR PICTURES at along with permission to post them here and on the future website for In the Eyes of Everyone. DO IT! IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL AWAKE. IT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE STUFF!

#1: Something historical

#2: Something tasty

#3: Something sacred

You can also go to TJ’s blog, and read the assignment I gave him, and do that one instead, or DO BOTH!

Join us … do an assignment. Be one of the good ones, and make stuff!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cups and Ice #5: Easy Reader

O M G.

My new friend T and I have been exchanging YouTube finds from the priceless 70s shows we grew up with--Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact, Zoom. Here are my two unearthed favorites.

The pants! The dancing! The free love!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I Love This

A good way to start a Sunday. I'd heard this song before, off of John Prine's duet album called In Spite of Ourselves, but it's so great to see it.

Here's John Prine and Iris Dement singing "In Spite of Ourselves":