Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cups and Ice #2: GBF

[Above taken from a notebook I've been keeping on a creative project I'm collaborating on with a friend, a project that you will most definitely get to see, explore, and feel called to participate in when it's launched next year. I would say "drum roll, please....." but it's not quite at the drum roll stage. It's more at the faint-slightly-annoying-tapping-coming-from-over-the-mountain-range-that-will-take-about-14-months-to-get-here? stage. When you hear that slightly annoying tapping, that's us! Me and Creative Partner in the laboratory, preparing to astound you.]


Lori A. May said...


It's the little things...

(Still loving the cups and ice thing!)

Lori A. May

mariegauthier said...

Next YEAR? holy moses aren't you a tease... :o)

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Jessica said...

Seriously, major tease! :) but love it!

22 said...
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