Saturday, July 25, 2009

Been Taking a Break from a lot of Things

Like from not eating dairy. Best ice cream cone ever. Being across the street from the Grass Roots Festival we could also hear the distant sound of zydeco, accordions, banjos, and lots of "woo hooos!"

I have been putting off posting—I haven't gone this long since the beginning of this summer (which is kind of a mis-statement since it's not actually summer yet, apparently, since it hasn't been hotter than 85 and it's late July. This anti-humiditarian is a-ok with that, tho.).

Since I've last posted about my early morning visit to the trainer, I

  • Had a second early morning visit with the trainer (he's the second trainer on the page)

  • Watched a most amazing duet on So You Think You Can Dance that I keep watching over and over (first video you come across when you scroll)

  • Went to Ithaca, NY, and back to see family, eat whatever I wanted (see photo above), laugh a ton, dance on hay, sit by a fire (like I said, not summer), and celebrate my sister and her best friend's birthdays

  • Watched a pretty incredible tap performance last night at Jacob's Pillow (or "the pillow" as its familiarly known in dance circles), Jason Samuels Smith and A.C.G.I. (Anybody Can Get It)

  • Noticed (just this morning, like right this second) how my speedy typing (a writer at work nicknamed me "the little machine") reminds me of last night, the speedy fingers on the keyboard. Typing fast is no tap dancing but if you start going into the gets interesting (i.e., JSS's cousin was part of the performance last night--he does a spoken-word/rap thing and afterward he talked about the connection between that and the tapping).

So within each of those things above is a blog post. Which is why I've been procrastinating starting up again. Which thing do I write about, and how do I do it in the limited bog-writing time (the big question for everything, right?). And I love that I just wrote "bog-writing" because that's how it's felt lately. Very boggy.

I thought before I head to workin' on a weekend, I should just break the more-than-weeklong hiatus and say something, anything. So there you have it. (If you have a vote about my next post, feel free to say so).

[Also, note that you can now subscribe to my blog post, and you'll get an e-mail when I post; at the rate I'm going, you won't be getting daily nudges or anything]!


The Journal of Cultural Conversation said...

Love the photo, Laura! Nice job on the trainer - I need your inspiration on that front...

Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous re: the Jacob's Pillow tap performance. Not to mention the GINORMOUS ice cream cone! Sounds like summer... :o)

Christine Swint said...

Eat your ice cream with abandon while you can. They're talking about taxing fattening food extra! Maybe they'll let us write off our gym expenses on our income tax forms.

Sounds like a great summer. My MIL was a dancer, and goes to Jacob's Pillow each summer.