Friday, March 19, 2010

In the Eyes of Everyone: Assignment completed FINALLY!

So the assignment from my creative partner over at beitelblog was the following:

In Nick Hornby's novel High Fidelity, the protagonist...opens the book by listing his Desert Island Five All-Time Greatest Heart-Breaks, and then he goes on to justify each selection. So, make a list. Your Desert Island Five All-Time Greatest...somethings. Resist media if at all possible -- books, movies, music, tv shows, etc. Something human (whatever that means). Something real (ditto). Then justify your selections with a single sentence each. Photos optional. Due Dec 15.

Dec. 15th. Right. It's now March 19. Which explains the new dialogue the two of us have embarked on which will be showing up on our blogs about why it's so damn hard to follow through with "making stuff."

You'll notice the result looks nothing like the assignment. There're six things instead of five. It's video. And I wouldn't call them Desert Island clips as much as my top-six favorite visual moments captured on my handy FLIP camera. The point for me was that I did get into it, I did feel moved, I did enjoy making it, and I FINISHED it. I also had something of a vision (this is why In the Eyes of Everyone's tag line is "a project for everyday visionaries") even if the result is somewhat disappointing when held next to that vision. And I worked on it. THREE HOURS it took me to make this thing, and that was after I cut each clip (I limited myself to 5 to 10 second clips). My first ever moving-image project. So it feels good and humbling to have done something and to be posting it.

Enjoy, and do the assignment. His way. My way. Start it. Let it morph. And even if it takes you THREE MONTHS, finish it...and then e-mail it to us!


Lynda said...

That was really cute! I love making movies :)

Pamelekh Klezmer Orkester said...

You're on! (Three months or less!) --E

crisp said...

this makes me smile