Friday, May 30, 2008

The Blogging of Now

Tomorrow will be an official 30 days since I've written anything here. I had a bit of an existential blog crisis: What am I doing here? What's my purpose? What do I write next? What do I want out of this? Where am I headed? What is there to look forward to? Etc.

But I've been reading The Power of Now again and Eckhart tells me that this kind of crisis is what happens when you realize in a deep way that fulfillment isn't "on the way," isn't somewhere else, is in simply Being in the power of Now.

So I've decided, just for today to Blog in the Now.

Right now, I'm drinking my coffee--I bought the grounds at the French cafe in town. I was desperate. Everything else was closed. It was one of those air-tight bricks from Europe. When I opened it up, I knew I was in trouble... LIGHT BROWN grounds! No matter how strong I make this stuff, it still tastes like coffee-flavored water. But I continue to drink it, and continue every morning to say "bleck" after I take my first sip and reminisce about the old days of French Roast and coffee I could chew.

I'm sure I could tie this in with the power of now, but I'll refrain.

My (experimental?)nonfiction piece will be coming out in Post Road in July...upon which I'll be e-mailing everyone I know (even those folks I haven't e-mailed in a long, long time) to let them know, and to tell them to order the issue, or even subscribe, since literary magazines--the generous venues of the work of unknown writers like me--need money and subscribers so they can continue to publish us. Plus, Post Road rocks. So this isn't the end of this matter.

The sun on the horizon?: June 20, McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn, NY. Me, J., K., and my pops for another Gogol Bordello extravaganza....

until another now,

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