Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday routine

It's my third Saturday doing the following:

Waking up late, eyes puffy with sleep, feeling thankful I now have glasses to tone down the puffy.

Walking with a slow and easy gait in my new comfortable sneakers four blocks to the Saturday morning Hudson Farmer's Market.

What I bring home each Saturday:
1) A dozen local eggs (brown, green, ecru).
2) A bunch of kale from the guy with the baseball hat and the radishes (even though I always have some left at home, it's so beautiful I can't resist; plus, I'm just happy all these farmers are here selling their goods).
3) My favorite and the most expensive transaction: a bouquet of wildflowers from the flower lady and her sweet teenage son.

Today I upped the ante and bought a $12 bouquet (versus the regular $10). I'm horrible with names of flowers...but here it is...

Gorgeous, huh?
For three weeks I have had flowers all over my apartment. It's been suprisingly therapeutic.

I've spent too many weekends wishing there was someone in my life to buy me flowers; three weeks ago, I saw them at the market and thought: well, if no one is going to buy them for me then...

I spent some time this morning shaking old petals off of last week's into a glass bowl, salvaging the few blooms still alive and floating them in another bowl for my night stand, and then letting the vases soak to ready them for this week's arrangement.

The irony? I got a call from a florist in Hudson saying they had a delivery for me, but no address. It won't arrive until after 2pm is what the lady at the Crazy Daisy said. I'm guessing it's from my friend who was supposed to take me on a date last night (a first date) and called to see if, for reasons I won't go into, could we make it 9pm instead. To which I replied, not so warmly, "let's just do it another time" (as any girl in her right mind would?). He said he was sorry, but I couldn't bring myself to say "that's okay." But if the flowers are from him, I may give it a try.

With me, my right mind, and my available single self, I sauntered off with my girlfriends to see Sex and the City instead, and had a blast. The movie, in another twist of irony, was chock full of flowers and "I'm sorry"s. Weird.

That's today's report....

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