Friday, June 19, 2009

Mike Mills on the Creative Process

My steadfast creative partner put this on his blog yesterday and I'm copying him by putting it on my blog. Miranda July of No One Belongs Here More Than You (see my blog, Tuesday, June 13) and Me and You and Everyone We Know (my second entry on Thursday, June 15, the Tyrrone Street video) is married to this guy, Mike Mills, who makes album art and directs off-kilter music videos. Here he talks about the creative process. If you can hang in for the last few minutes...I love how he talks about the arc of his creative life. It's so honest and emboldening.

He also says this great thing that I, as an immensely kinesthetic person, so relate to, that when he's making something, he just tries things and tries other things and then eventually something feels right and he just goes with it..."it's a body thing" he says. Amen.

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