Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dream It: A Review by Laura Cococcia

First, a word from me, Laura Didyk. As an active member on the new online writer's community She Writes, I've had the opportunity through the blogger's discussion group I started on the site to meet a ton of groovy women active in the blogosphere. One of those women is Laura Cococcia, creator of the The Journal of Cultural Conversation.

Laura agreed to do a guest post for my blog (and I'll be doing one for TJCC very soon).


Dream It. List It. Do It!
by Laura Cococcia

Last year, a dear friend gave me the book Dream It. List It. Do It!: How to Live a Bigger & Bolder Life, from the Life List Experts at

The book's premise: To encourage readers to write ideas down to help answer the question "what do I want to do with my life?" It seems a timely and apropos cultural question—the more I read, the more I discover how individuals everywhere are digging deep to prioritize personal goals and clarify their life purpose.

Life is short, so why not get going?

Dream It. List It. Do It! helped me launch Laura Reviews and The Journal of Cultural Conversation. And it helped me make a very long list of practical projects I'd love to complete during my lifetime.

But it also inspired a number of ideas that actually have nothing to do with completing a project. These are just things you may have always wanted to do that you haven't yet. Like throw mashed potatoes at the person sitting next to you at a dinner party.

I thought I'd start the conversation by sharing my top 3 straight from the book:

1. Be silly: Dress like a penguin and slide in the snow.
(Hard to do in NYC, but I will find a way.)

2. Be famous: Host a talk show.
(I'd LOVE to do this, but I have no idea what to call it. Any thoughts?)

3. Cook more: Deep fry a pickle.
(I don't know how to cook anything besides toast and chocolate chip cookies, so the pickle might be a stretch, but I'll let you know how it goes.)

If you haven't yet read the book or visited, take a trip over and let us know a few of your life-list goals. Or, you can copy mine. I won't be offended.

Laura Cococcia works in global advertising and is the editor of The Journal of Cultural Conversation. An NYC resident, she is a voracious reader, obsessed traveler, committed foodie, and aspiring author. You can follow Laura and TJCC on Twitter.


christine swint said...

You could call the talk show "Dress Like a Penguin." The audience would have to come dressed as the theme for a particular show, and submit video of themselves doing silly things while 'dressed as' a certain character.

A fun post. This book sounds like a great one to read. It sort of goes with the concept of 'the bucket list.'

Laura | The Journal of Cultural Conversation said...

Great idea, Christine - love it! Definitely combines a few of these. Definitely get the book if you get a chance, I keep it by my side table so I can try and check things off...Have a great weekend!