Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thirty Things I Love Tonight

I am copying my friend over at Beitel-Blog because I haven't felt like blogging at all and I read his post and I wanted to follow suit immediately.

So...30 things I heart on this night:

1. Lists like this one.
2. Days off—which I am about to have two of
3. Green & Black's 85% Dark Chocolate
4. TV
5. "I was married" by Tegan and Sara: "I was married in the sun (tell me where, tell me where) against the stone of buildings built before...."
6. Hilarious pictures of me and my sisters from our trip to Ithaca last month
7. My dad
8. Saying "labral tear" which is what my new physical therapist thinks might be what is ailing my hip...labral tear...labral tear...try it (saying it I mean)
9. Coconut Bliss!
10. That I signed up for a boxing class (Sunday, 10:00 am)
11. The sound of the man-made waterfall over by the paper mill
12. Being alone in my apartment!
13. Spreading myself throughout the place from bedroom (strewn shoes in the hallway) to living room (collage supplies and half-made postcard collage on the coffee table) to the kitchen to the laundry room (overflowing dirty laundry in a basket on the washer). ME everywhere!
14. "We Did Not Make Ourselves" by Michael Dickman: "I didn’t make my brain/but I’m helping to finish it//Carefully stacking up everything I made next to everything I ruined in broad/daylight in bright/brainlight"
15. My sisters
16. Striped socks (see above picture)
17. First issue of Wholphin, arrived today, 2.5 hours of short film extravaganza
18. Black pants, black scarf
19. Vito coconut water (with tangerine)
20. Green & Black's 85% dark chocolate (it's worth mentioning twice)
21. That people at work call me "LD," "LauraD," and variations thereof
22. My new green TheraBand that I will use, per my new physical therapist, to work the muscles of my right butt
23. Midnight
24. The dream world I am allowed into when I sleep
25. The hot air balloon in the collage I'm making, and the trio of working men standing on sand pointing up at it
26. A deep breath that's truly deep
27. "our deaths were mineral"
28. In the Eyes of Everyone: A Project for Everyday Visionaries
29. The number "29"
30. Closing my eyes.


Larissa said...

I heart on you too!! And I miss you like crazy!!!

Jessica said...

Yay for things to love! I love this post :)

evf said...

Boxing class-YES! TheraBand-working the muscles of your right butt-I hope it doesn't make you walk crooked. "Oh, excuse me, it must have been my TheraBand."

Laura | The Journal of Cultural Conversation said...

Ooh, I can't wait for #28! Great post, Laura...I love all of them and your constant creativity!

Emily said...

lovely list, laura!