Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Cool Thing

So, the cool thing about taking such a monstrous hiatus from my blog, is that when I come back, I feel like I can write and no one is watching, and I don't need to succumb to the pressures of an audience (y'know, the ginormous audience that reads this blog).

I've been reading Keri Smith's blog this morning, which is something of a marketing vehicle, but I like her casual blogishness. And it inspired me to come here and see what happened.

Here's one that's happening: I've been thinking a lot. (This is a problem.)

I should be thinking less (and writing more). (Also eating less and sleeping more, but that's another blog post.)

Also, I'm reading this mini-novella-like short story by Chekov called "The Wife" and I'm captivated.

And like Ms. Smith I am trying lately to do one. thing. at. a. time. I pretty much fail most of the time, but when I am reading Chekov, I am successful. Reading him creates the same kinesthetic experience as reading Shakespeare--except I don't have to peruse any footnotes or keep a handy homemade cast list on hand to keep track of who is who.

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