Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is what summer is for...

It's been forever and a day (and probably another day after that) since I've posted on here. I don't know how a person balances 40-hour/wk job with writing a book with having clean clothes with eating well and regularly (and not out of a carton), keeping friends, keeping fit, keeping reasonable hours...not to mention (some of you) children AND a husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend...AND...a BLOG?!@ How?

I'm actually asking.

But that's not really what this post is about. It's about the project that's been mentioned several times, every now and again, on this blog--In the Eyes of Everyone (ITEOE)...mysterious, forthcoming, vague. All of those things.

And to add to it: Off we (creative compatriot [CC]--TJ--and I) go for an ITEOE adventure (a.k.a. pilgrimage). It might sound like just a rocking good weekend. But it's all in what you call it, so we're calling it a pilgrimage. And we hope to deliver the documented goods of said pilgrimage (as relayed on CC's blog):

"I'm fitting to go see crazy Glen Hansard [Laura's note: "read: Swell Season"] et al up in the northeastern United States in July. Plus there will be a Gogol Bordello mosh pit in New Jersey with Laura, the Creative Compatriot. (I am a wanderlust king, indeed....)"

It's true. Two friends. Two concerts. Two nights. Two different states. Two totally different kinds of music. Two separate emotional attachments to two different constellations of musicians. It's going to be superb. I can feel it. (And the Gogol Bordello show will be lucky 13 for me).

Maybe we'll see you there.

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