Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bad Tomatoes, Serial Killers, and Loose Ends

My friend Joyce's friend Maggie has a great blog at and she's inspired me to re-start my blog. I've learned from her: go short. Include photos. Be as loud as you want to be. And as serious. And as funny. Life is short!

Today I must skip my salsa class in order to finish my spec script for Studio 60 for my TV Writing class. It was due LAST THURSDAY! Because of the extra time I've allotted, Harriet got to throw up her salad after Luke proposed. She's still convinced it was the sun-dried tomatoes that were bad and not the idea that she and Luke get MARRIED (for those of you who don't watch the show . . . this is a very BAD IDEA). Ms. Hayes needs to get her Christianity on. . . . and make a good decision (I'm working on it).

How did my life get so good?

I saw Zodiac last night. Aside from the first third of some of the scariest serial killer scenes ever (tho I admit, I haven't seen that many), it's pretty riveting . . . plus you get to watch Jake G and Mark Ruffalo on the big screen. Almost three hours of them? Jeez, sisters. It just doesn't get better than that.

Today I will also finish my swirly twirly scarf I'm crocheting . . . have to tie in those darn ends. . . ain't that just the way of the world.

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