Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dice! Dice!

Thanks to my dad, who brought me up in the convo with Judge, the casting dude, I got a call, too! I think I am just a regular old extra (mmph), but I'm SO EXCITED!

hopefully things at work will go smoothly so I can go for the whole three days. More details to come tomorrow from Judge.

Oh, and get this, so the video is for the song "American Wedding," right? My dad and stepmom are playing the PARENTS OF THE BRIDE!

Now, if I'd gotten picked to be the bride, THAT would have been something.

This is still something, tho, as those of you know who have been following the vision quest (as McPolack accurately deemed it) that is Laura Didyk and Gogol Bordello... I have no idea what I'm questing for . . . but I know it's leading somewhere...even if it is to just more fun, more dancing, more pumping my fist in the air...

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crazyapronlady said...

Its all unfurling exactly as destined!!!!!!!