Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just call me Laura "Overwhelmed" Didyk (that could be my Ulimate Fighting name)

Here's just a few of the things doggy paddling around the murky waters of Laura's cabeza:

*must go buy this sad dress (for the video shoot) at the Good Will tomorrow after laundry:

(it has a slippery sashy scarfy shoulder-shawl thing that goes with it, oh, AND, it gives me bigger boobs...for three days I'll have something of a bust. Very cool!)

*stress out about shoes for the shoot...How could anything besides sneakers or Uggs be at all comfortable for so many hours? Laura in high heels is like a cat, well, like a cat in high heels...possible, but completely intolerable...

*give feedback to inmate Jeff F's science fiction story (he's actually pretty good)

*finish writing my bio note for this Fence anthology (Fence: The First Nine Years) in which they are including/re-printing a very strange poem of mine called "Friend"

*dial up a girl named Crystal about reading poetry submissions for her new lit mag

*get laundry together and ready to roll for first thing tomorrow morning

*dishes (and kitchen in general)

*4 turns to take on 4 games of Scrabulous (this one is hardly bothering me)

*make a list of everything I need (and probably a crapload of things I don't but will put on the list anyway) for my video adventure to the city

*worry about how I am going to do any or all of this and work 8 hours tomorrow...

I am, I am, I am superwoman, and I know what's happening...

OK, that's enough out of me...

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