Saturday, May 23, 2009


So, I've started going to a personal trainer (piggy-backing on a workmate's sessions). Ah, to be so sore between your shoulder blades that you can't take a true deep breath--now that's working out.

Seriously, I didn't even make it half-way through the weighted jump roping before I had to go stand over the sink in the bathroom because I was sure something was going to come out of me. Even thinking of the Biggest Loser finale didn't help this time. My tough-chick workmate told me "just work through the nausea, Chas [trainer] will clean it up." If I hadn't felt so bad, I would have laughed.

Now it's Saturday and the breeze is coming in through the window and I'm trying to get my mind around creating a website for myself, which I'm noticing is the perfect distraction for sore upper back muscles and for actually writing the book that I hope to eventually publish and put on the website.

So I better go do some actual writing...but I'm stuck with the thing, and not feeling a lot of faith, which is usually when I start getting other ideas, for whole other books I should write TODAY. But I digress, and I procrastinate; off I go.

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