Sunday, May 31, 2009

Key Lime Kream Bars

Yes, "K" as in AmeriKa, as in Kosmic, as in some facsimile of "Kream." I've caught the "I-want-to-revolutionize-my-diet" bug. Sometimes (like now), it's when my vertigo starts being a more regular visitor that does it, or even more motivating: when I can't get the entirety of myself into my summer pants.

Step 1: put down caffeine. CHECK. (I could just stop here and call it revolution won. Coffee is mi amor. I judge people who take their coffee weak. And if I find myself without it--and accompanying half-and-half--I can find myself in the midst of a morning cry.)

Step 2: put down sugar (and simultaneously find sweet things that satisfy); the former I am working on, the latter: CHECK!

I found a recipe that I now know is going to serve as the doorway into my continuing diet revolution:

Ani Phyo's Frozen Key Lime Kream Bars

4 cups cashews (I used roasted because I couldn't find raw in bulk)
1/2 cup liquid coconut oil (I got the solid stuff, y'know cuz that's really the only kind you can buy in the store, and I warmed it at the lowest possible temperature--it melts at 76 degrees)
1/2 cup agave syrup
1 cup lime juice
1 cup water (as needed)

Blend. And put into a pie dish and freeze (approx 3 hours). If you have a regular blender like I do, I'd do it in two batches.

Note Ingredients en total are a tad on the pricey side. But they do keep for weeks in the freezer.

And I think of what Thich Nhat Hanh says to people who complain that eating "healthy" and organic is too expensive: Simple. Chew slower. Eat less.

I tried a small square this morning and I'm now going to put more trust into Ani Phyo (she's got a YouTube cooking show, too!). That tart lime taste. The consistency. The cold.


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TJBeitelman said...

Cool. Love the new access to your other stuff on the interwebs, over there at "Some of My Work." A cornucopia of insightful Lauratology...