Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday list

The roommate made delicious banana pancakes this morning for breakfast. I can't remember the last time I had pancakes.

Clothes are in washer (a washing machine in the next room!).

More coffee to come.

A cold to fight off (the coffee ought to help).

A decision to make about whether or not to go to New York City tomorrow (considering cold and late-night return and big week ahead).

An essay to work on (where is it going? and how long will I go on? and how will it end?)

Dreams last night of unlikely friends pairing up in strange cities and getting married ("But you guys don't even really know each other!" I'm saying, in a cafe somewhere in the Middle East. I'm thinking: he is already married and reads philosophy and can't stand the New Age and she likes to burn sage and says things like the "four directions" and "Earth Mother." "You should at least live together first!" I'm shouting. But I'm like the person who returns from the one can hear or see me.). In the dream, I become more interested in life outside the cafe, all the browns and bustle and dust. Rickshaws. There were definitely rickshaws.

More boxes to sort through.

An ailing orchid to save.

But first, more coffee for that cold.

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