Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mom Knows Best

I could write about my walk this morning (I took the long route, in the direction of East Mountain), and the super cute dog I met named Saki, and the elderly couple on their porch in their robes talking about the plants in their yard, and how the hints of humidity and heat in the air along with the occasional mutant-giant-sized fly dive-bombing my head brought on some dread about the onset of summer, but turns out that sharing what my mom has to say about her experience with getting herself out for a stroll is going to be way more inspiring than me whining about Northeastern weather (there's plenty of time for that, afterall).

My mother has been diligently reading my recent posts about walking. Here's an email exchange we had. (She gave me her permission to share it.)



GM (Grumpy Mom) is putting on her arch-rocker flex-plus sneakers and going for an after-work walk around the clinic before heading home. Thanks to DL [Determined Laura]. Hrumph!



Me: Fantastic! How'd it go?


Mom: It went about the same as your walk. For the first quarter mile I contemplated walking faster so I could get it over with sooner, but then...I started noticing the cool breeze, and the orange daylilies, and the birds... So--I guess you could say it did what we all know, but try to deny, it's sure to do. Make me smile. Make me a little gladder to be alive.


I think my writerly inclinations must live in my genes. Thanks, Mom! I want to see some orange daylilies.

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