Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

On my walk this morning:

  • I saw a smushed days-dead frog in the road.

  • And a black Corvette that had been so long in one spot its tires were sunk about 4 inches into the earth.

  • And a crazy cute dog covered in mud from his chest down and the happiest creature I've ever seen.

  • I obsessed about the new smartphone I just ordered. It's going to be bigger and heavier than any phone I've owned, and I worry how I will cart it around. Can I get a chain for it and wear it around my neck? Some wheels and a leash? If I hook it to my waist band, will it even out my mal-aligned gait? A girl can hope...

It was a gorgeous morning for a walk--post-rain, everything glowing green, cool air. I took a different route this morning, heading west instead of east, so no Wheelchair Man today, but I stopped on the bridge and looked out over my town's small river and felt very lucky to be here.

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