Friday, June 10, 2011

Woops, I Did It Again

I went on another walk. I know. It's crazy. It takes all of Determined Laura's brute force to get me out of my apt. And once my legs are moving, I'm in disbelief. Do you know how many mornings I've thought: I should go take a walk. Just as many mornings as I didn't.

And I went early enough that I beat Wheelchair Man to the pavement. He was idling in his garage when I walked by and waved. "Good morning to ya!" he yelled. There's not many people I'd describe as jolly (especially since I don't really like the word). But Wheelchair Man is jolly. He doesn't have a belly or a round face, but he nonetheless exudes the quality. I predict we will become friends.

I was reminded this morning of 1997 thru 2001 when I lived in Alabama. Everything in the neighborhood I walk through here in the Berkshires is sagging from the weight of humidity, sagging and lolling about. Birds. Squirrels (the squirrels and I in Tuscaloosa had an ongoing battle). Fuzzy firs. Maples. I feel weirdly homesick for that now-tornado-wrecked town.

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