Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Once upon a time, there were three beautiful gals who knew they could be even beautiful-er. They wandered hither and yon searching for the best haircutter in all the land. From the edge of the meadow, they heard the faint but distinct pulsing sounds of rave beats, and smelled the trademark smell--a mix of specialty cheese and hair product. Could it be?

They made their way toward the music, followed the scent into the luxurious and tasteful home of the fabulous "Michael Hewitt." They thought he was a character of fables...a legend of dreams, but here they were, in the heart of his workshop. He beckoned them in, sat them down, and one by one he worked his magic. Their lives would never be the same.


crisp said...

how funny is that....i love michael he is the best.....if only bb could have him for herself.

Janegela said...

You look fabulous, dahling. And love the specs!

McPolack said...

Hot damn, ladies, is all I have to say.