Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the Wing

How in the hell it got to be 11:15 pm is beyond me. . . I've been lost in afghan squares and DVD episodes of the first season of West Wing. I'm addicted. I can't stop. I want to hang with Sam Seaborn and Josh Lymon and argue about what really happens in Richard Kelly's film Donnie Darko (I couldn't argue anything political so it'd have to be something in my realm).


Just to contrast the above in a sort of embarrassing way, I just have to express my despair around Bhutto's assassination in Pakistan. It's always hard to write about these things without sounding completely cliche and dramatic. I will say this: I felt a sense of utter panic when I read about this this morning, then a kind of disassociation, like I'm watching somebody else's Earth and its people go totally ballistic. I can't comprehend, in my very politically naive mind, the ramifications of this, but my guess, aside from the simple squashing of hope for a country (and world for that matter), is they will be huge.

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McPolack said...

I am with you on the Bhutto front...but for me I also felt like I knew this would happen...I remember talking with my sister about the last suicide bombing surrounding her and thinking, there's no way she's going to survive if she keeps showing up in public, but then she doesn't really have a choice. I do think it's unfortunate that she was a woman insofar as we have so few woman leaders and now there's another one gone.