Thursday, December 06, 2007

Here Comes Santa Hutz, Here Comes Santa Hutz...

...right down W. 56th Street!

New Year's Eve! New Year's Eve! When I got my GB tickets in the mail two days ago, I felt like Charlie with his Wonka Bar, finding the golden ticket (thanks to J. for that analogy). My heart started to race; I felt the smooth veneer of the Ticketmaster tickets between my finger and thumb; I even held them up to the light. I secured them into a magnet clip on my fridge. Then checked the lock on the back door (if you break into my house, take whatever you want--my computer, my TV, my new Blue Tooth wireless head set, just please, please, please, do not take my tickets).

We are all hoping Eugene is still wearing his Santa gear when he swaggers onto the stage at Terminal 5. And not too tired from delivering presents (to all the naughty girls, of course)....

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Anonymous said...

i got my tickets yesterday and i keep thinking i have to remember exactly the spot they are in. i think i will clip them to my fridge also.
rock on!!!//LK!J:K!:J:!LKJ:L