Monday, December 10, 2007

Balkan Cafe

Slavic Soul Par-tay!

...this frie-dee, Dec. 14th, Slavic Soul Party at the Hungarian House in the Upper E.S.

These folks played on Gogol Bordello's latest album Super Taranta, and are great on their own ... catch them when you can.

Here's a description:

Fiery Balkan brass, hip-grinding American grooves, and ecstatic anthems both new and old: Slavic Soul Party! is just what it says. Brash and strong as slivovitz, these nine musicians have forged a virtuosic new brass band music in the heart of
New York City – melding Gypsy, East European, Mexican, and Asian immigrant backgrounds with American jazz and soul – and “developed a reputation for delivering a great time.” (NY Times)

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