Sunday, December 09, 2007

What in the Mother of Crap Is Going on in This Place?

If you are era-sick for the Eighties, liked the Eighties when we were in them, or are so young you missed them altogether (and don't mind a little synth) you will love Hector on Stilts (I recommend "4th Tunnel" and "He's in Bed"!). The very kind, very tall (hence "stilts") David Byrne-esque-ish lead singer is a co-worker of mine (and J's) and his cousin Clayton plays guitar and sings. Their voices are just lovely (plus the band in its entirety is blessed with an indefatigable handsomeness).

On Friday night, J, M, and I went to see them...FUN! (fitting since their new EP is called FunSize). And weird. New Wave in Appalachia anyone? Nope, just Ballingers, in Albany.

Maggie Mayday (listen to "Spit It Out"!) the opening band who also shares two members with HOS, was great, too. Their lead singer has a gorgeous voice. And the bass player (also in HOS) is super fun to watch.

There is lots to say about the crowd--four women dressed up as Lolita bomb shells in short-short skirts, half-shirts, stilettos, and pig tails, playing TWISTER on the floor in front of the stage; the four beer-toting dudes behind us, one of whom tried to take disgusting advantage of one of the eventually drunk Lolitas; a gal in the blingy-iest gold spandex pants I've ever seen; two punk rocker dudes with laquered multi-colored hair and eye makeup (they were my favorite); couples dressed to the nines who came in close to midnight and made their confused way across and through our social stew and headed downstairs to the source of the thumping bass--but I don't want to offend anyone or sound judgmental. It was David Lynchian to say the least--the constellation of people and moments and visual perplexities.


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I'm bookmarking you, too. I knew Albany was cool.