Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Life as a Gypsy Punk

[article to be written and printed in Laura's dreams] “My Life as a Gypsy Punk (a.k.a. How I Convinced Punk Rock Band Gogol Bordello to Let Me Be a Member, Go on Tour with Them, and Dance on Stage)," Didyk, Laura, Rolling Stone, February, 2009.

This is not going to be a behind-the-scenes article about Gogol Bordello (tho that would be interesting to say the least), the drunken escapades of lead singer and now-best-pal Eugene Hutz (tho there were many), my friendships with the Gogol Bordello women Pam and Elizabeth (hard-won, valued, and immensely satisfying), and my on-stage collaborations with the Latin-American member and best-DJ-on-Earth, Pedro, but about how I went from mildly interested in Gogol Bordello’s music to being a front-and-center fan to a devoted supporter with the unshakable knowing that what felt like an urgent and completely unrealistic dream of being a Gogol Bordello dancer would be fulfilled. This is an article about how anything can happen.

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