Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ukie Christmas

I write to you on this eve of Ukrainian Christmas (thanks to the Julian Calendar). I will be spending this evening at my cousin's in Ridgefield, CT, along with about 19 other Ukrainians/Didyks on my dad's side.

Much varenyky (as in perogue, as in boiled dumplings filled with sauerkraut, potato, etc--mostly it's just a really fun word to say) and holubtsi (not as fun to say, but yummy if you like stuffed cabbage stuffed with roasted buckwheat).

At some point there will be, my favorite, the Christmas Eve Kutia--hot bulgur wheat, poppy seeds, and honey.

Merry Christmas!

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Michael said...

I didnt know that you were Ukrainian... I am going to the Ukraine in a week. I will spend 12 days with a German professor from my Seminary. He will be teaching New Testament theology to Ukrainian Christian pastors. I am excited to spend the second weekend in Lvov, a historic Ukrainian city close to the Polish border! How about that?!