Monday, January 14, 2008

Some New Lands Worth Visiting

So I added three new links over there to the left.

1. The Holy Consumption of Chicago, the home of several comic artists, including a new favorite of mine named Jeffrey Brown. Here's one of his (click on it once, and it won't open, but if you go back and click on it again, it'll open big for readability):

2. A page that houses the making of the soon to be documentary Little Brothers of Saint Francis by my dear friend Maureen. Check it out. She's a great photographer. Here's a photo of one of the monks:

3. Last, but not least, another good and dear friend of mine, Dave, is documenting the creation of his very own farm, called affectionately Muddy Farm. Dave is really funny. And he's a talented farmer.

May the force be with you in your travels.

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