Saturday, March 29, 2008


Tonight I ate coconut chicken with soba noodles and broccoli and watched Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders which I'd never seen and holy beautiful movie. Gorgeous. Poetic. Funny. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds! (I'm not going to tell you about a girl, I'm not going to tell you about a girl..."Let me tellya about a girl!"). And I loved all the scenes in the big library...all the angels hanging around, hovering over all the learning. And of course Marion on the trapeze. I came late to this movie--have heard about it for years--but glad I finally parked myself on my couch and gave it my attention.

Ate a killer meal (made by J-Dawg) in Albany last night and then danced the funky-funk to sax player Sam Kenninger & amazing co.

Bought Aveda shampoo and conditioner, and a book of poems by Chase Twitchell that I'm not sure I'll read, but I felt like buying something and it was used and under $5 so I bought it.

Cheated on a crossword puzzle with J-D. (Was it "romper" or "jumper" in the end? I can't remember...).

Now I'm tired. And will do my new nightly de-cluttering routine. . . . then to sleep and wake up for ritual Sunday morning gathering down south.

And all I can think is: this must be SO BORING to read.

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larissa said...

Not boring AT ALL!!!! Now I want to see Wings of Desire! I love Nick Cave...and libraries...and trapeze...and you!