Sunday, March 23, 2008

Having Blog Guilt and Dating Angst (Sort of)

I have been feeling like a big fat abandoner. Sure, it's only been a week, but when I read a certain friend's blog (M.'s), I am so envious of her ability to write something, almost daily, and still manage to be funny and engaging and provide good blog-reading material.

I saw The Bank Job last night. If you're not a fan of British crime capers that involve pasties, lots of boobs and butts, loud indoor jack hammering, angry black power men, a few corrupt politicians in women's underwear getting whipped (and whole-heartedly enjoying it), or disturbing torture and beatings by slimy men who make pornography, then skip it.

Worst date movie ever.

I was literally nauseous by the closing credits. Granted, my date was as disturbed as I (well not quite, but close).

I'm trying to think how I can get him back. What do you subject a kind, sensitive, artistic fellow to? Runaway Bride? Horton Hears a Who? Blades of Glory? Mmmmh... I'm open to suggestions.


McPolack said...

Whenever you feel blog guilt, sista, just remember all the wonderful poetry you've not only written but published and had anthologized (is that even a word?)...whereas some of us are not capable of anything beyond the occasional silly rhyming couplet.

On the date front, I'm sorry to hear you paid for yourself and wish I could offer you advice...unfortunately I always end up paying for myself, and can't figure out why. And for such a terrible movie! I think you should make him take you to that Ryan Reynolds/Abigail Breslin chick flick (it's a romantic comedy starring a single dad! ha!) and then after he can go get mani/pedis with you and have tea.

That'll show him...

crazyapronlady said...

Well, I agree with most of mcpolack's comments, the only problem with his/her plan is that If you take him to that Ryan Reynolds movie, then you will have to sit through it too, and you have been through enough already. My suggestion is to get to a cable tv set and make him watch: "What Not to Wear" on TLC. According to my boyfriend this show is unwatchable and has some sort of anti-testosterone effect (which causes nausea and extreme frustration). I think the hosts can be a little annoying, but unwatchable? No. I watch for the fashion tips! If that doesn't work then I would suggest renting My Best Friend's wedding. Good Luck.
Love you Lu Lu!

Pablo said...

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