Friday, March 28, 2008

Really Creepy...

So I had this dream last night, long and involved. One part is that my landlord, who lives upstairs with his family in real life, is making a movie and he's hiring me to be in it. I am sitting at a table with his son (he doesn't have a son in real life, but two daughters), and for some reason he is worried that their might be some weird hanky-panky going on between me and his son on the set.

As a way to discuss it, my landlord has created this thick binder with all these print outs of Biblical passages, so the three of us are at their dining room table with the binder. (They are religious in real life; i.e., once when I lost my wallet, and I was looking for it outside in my car, my landlord came up and took my hands and said, "Let's pray," and proceeded to invoke Jesus' name and ask for his guidance and all that.)

In the dream, my landlord starts quoting passages from the Bible. His son totally understands the underlying messages (keeps saying, "I know, Dad," and "Okay, fine. I get it"). I'm totally not following but I also understand they are more for his son than for me.

Each time before my landlord reads a passage he says the name of the book from the Bible; one of the passages is from John.

When I woke up, I could remember "John" and then something that was conceptually about "following the Father," and I'd been trying to remember it all morning.

A not-so-side side note here: I do not know the Bible at all. I have never read it, and I couldn't quote it if you put a million dollars in front of me, except maybe some stuff from Genesis that you'd have to have been born and raised in a cave to not know (let there be light, etc). So I googled "book of John, famous quotes." And I f*cking found it! Consciously, I do not know this quote, couldn't recall it, etc.

But this is IT, without doubt: "And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father."

I'm so creeped out! What is this doing in my subconscious? Maybe my subconscious hooked into Jung's concept of the collective unconscious last night.

There were many other parts to the dream. Another one included a really strange but really nice hotel clerk named Birdie who recommended that my father and I try a restaurant up the street called Delray's which had shrimp and burgers and "frozen cheese!" She said, "I mean frozen cheese. I just love that stuff!" Clearly, she didn't understand that my dad and I were not the Delray type.

The dream life is some of the most bizarre supernatural stuff around.

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Michael said...

Being a believer in the God behind the Biblical message... I am not sure what to think about your dream. Daniel 1:17, Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17 are just a few passages in the bible where God tells us that he speaks to people through dreams and visions. Some are given the gift of interpreting dreams and visions and others are the ones who are given dreams and visions.

I find it interesting that you connect a biblical passage to the inbeded knowledge of Jung's idea of collective consciousness. In this context I wonder if the collective conscious is more influenced by reality (as in shaped, formed or growing) or if it drives reality and in essence in the basis of truth for which we are attempting to return- some Buddhist schools calls this original mind I think?

The passage that you dreamed is John 14:13, but it is good to consider it in the fuller context of what is happening. Jesus is basically saying that he is God... that is a pretty serious claim. And, there is a further section where he claims that the counselor with come, that is the Holy Spirit. The counselor communicates to GOds people... I know that your not a Christian, but if you were and I were trying to understand your experience... I would say that God was communicating to you in a dream by the Holy Spirit, that Jesus is God! Call me crazy!

Did you know that Ukraine is historically very Christian. It became a Christian land in something like 1100 AD...

This is all very interesting to me Laura.

I hope your well... Looking forward to catching up soon! Michael