Monday, April 21, 2008

absent without leave...but now I'm back

Oh how remiss I have been.

I can't believe a week has gone by.

My little sis was a-visiting (what a great time), and I haven't been able to face the number of poems I have to make up for. I was doing so well!

I suppose the world did without my favorite verse for the week.

Shall I make up for it? Or shall I just pick up where I left off? I don't even know if people were reading them (well, I know a couple of you have). No matter, I will continue on with National Poetry Month. I am determined!

Aaaah... I can't stand not being perfect. I wanted to build my on-line reputation as a reliable poem post-er.


Also, there is now a You Tube version of the Gogol Bordello video, which means there's a counter with it, which means I can tell you exactly where to pause the video so you can see a piece of my hair fluttering in front of the camera and the gray blur I am pushing myself back from my table so as not to get cheese puffs and finger sandwiches dumped on my lap.

I won't be able to post tomorrow night either, but may be back in the saddle, or, uh, back on the keyboard on Thursday, at which point I will post poems, and prepare a numerical guide for the American Wedding video.

Be sure to check out my friend TJ's blog. Link is to the left (beitel-blog) but also here. Very lively, smart, and eclectic postings, by a lively, smart, eclectic guy. Everything from politics to poetry to how to make oatmeal.

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