Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Wedding Video: Play by Play

So here's the YouTube version of the Gogol Bordello video (see video guide below).

00:14/15 seconds = My pop's face.
1:01 = You can see a strand of my hair, and a teensy part of my face (I mean, if you freeze it and really look). Eugene is actually singing right AT me. Couldn't they have let the camera wander a little bit farther to the left?
1:17 = Pop and Ann dancing directly behind Eugene and back of dance floor; it's quick, but it's them.
1:35/36 = The infamous scene of Pam joining Pop and Ann at the table by flipping her skirt into his lap.
1:49 = If you freeze, and look directly to left of the maroon-vest wearing member of Gogol Bordello (it's Oren Kaplan for those of you who are familiar), you'll see me. Alas, I am blurry and in my tasteless gray gown. But it's me, I swear.

And while you can't see any of us in particular in the dance scene at the end, that scene was SO MUCH FUN. Pure freedom and joy.

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Matteo said...

Wonderful video!!! You're very very very fortunate... A video with Eugene Hutz... Wow!