Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gogol Bordello "American Wedding" video

Gogol Bordello "American Wedding"

[see blog post for 4/24/08 with YouTube version. Better quality.]
Unfortunately, I didn't make it in, but I also noticed that neither did any of the bridesmaids, and they were main there. In one part I can see the very front of my hair and in another part I'm a milli-second of a gray blur at a table, but my pops is in it a few times!

I have to say it's a little anti-climactic. The photographs were so much more captivating I think. And the experience was so insanely incredibly fun, that the experience of the video sort of pales in comparison.

Still, it was good to see everyone again. And now it's out and done and on the air/cyber waves!

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